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Curriculum Vitae

Basic info

Bas Timmers
Bas Timmers

Born: August 5th 1972, Oss, Netherlands

Further info:

  • Not married
  • Drivers license
  • Languages: Dutch, English, German, French


Co-owner & consultant Neue Signale, 2016-2018

Consultancy agency for innovation & digital transformation in Berlin.

Creation and presentation of client workshops (e.g. Kill Your Own Business; www.kyob.de). Development of business strategies and continuous client guidance regarding digital transformation.

Account management, TLGG (Torben, Lucie und die gelbe Gefahr), 2013-2015

First Social Media Agency of Germany and frontrunner in the digital transformation department

Client Lead for Netflix & MLP Financial Services. In charge of the respective project cross-departmental project teams and responsible for the development and implementation of social media strategies, digital campaigns, innovation topics and client workshops.

Client consultancy, Creative Construction Heroes, 2012-2013

Agency for digital transformation

Leading and developing accounts, first point of contact for external development teams, responsible for the development of websites and apps (e.g. the start-up Twisper).

Freelance consultant, Pixels en Komma’s, 2010-2012

Consultancy agency for digitization

Wide spectrum of digital consultancy services (for example implementing a ‚digital first‘ strategy at a regional broadcasting company, supporting students with digital storytelling as a teacher at the Academy for Journalism).

Chef Online & internet editor, de Volkskrant, 2007-2010

Biggest quality newspaper in the Netherlands, frontrunner in digital transformation.

Responsible for the creation and implementation of digitization strategies as well as the development of thematic sites and apps.

Editor, BN/DeStem, 1998-2007

Regional newspaper in the Netherlands.


  • Journalism, Academy for Journalism and PR – Tilbury, March 1995-December 1998
  • International management, Rijksuniversity Limburg – Maastricht, August 1994-February 1995
  • Business economics, Hogeschool ‘s Hertogenbosch – Den Bosch, August 1990-July 1994


  • New Deal on Data, essay on how we should deal with data in a digital age (link
  • Expert Review of a case study, Harvard Business Manager Germany (link, against payment)
  • link)


  • Twelve misconceptions about digital transformation, Berlin Cloud Conference, 2016
  • Destroy your own business model, Innovation breakfast Chamber of Commerce Berlin, 2017
  • New Deal on Data, Unicorns in Tech conference, 2017


  • Storytelling
  • Creative thinking
  • Analytical thinking
  • Future-proof strategies
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Consulting clients
  • Workshop creation and presentation
  • Transformation & Change

What I believe in

KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid. Consultancy should be easy to understand, should focus on the most important topics and should be forward-facing. Which means: Bring the company, its products and its culture step-by-step in the digital realm, together with the client.

Further activities

  • member of Chamber of Commerce Berlin council for innovation since 2017
  • guest writer for Harvard Business manager Germany as innovation expert on case studies
  • writer / creator of travel blog Into The Arms Of America, about my four month trip through Mexico and Central America
  • founder of www.lowlove.nl (2009-2015), a very succesful and indepent newsblog about the Lowlands arts festival. It’s entirely run by volunteers, we also developed an iPhone app
  • Webmaster of Union in Englisch, an English-languaged blog about the football club in Berlin with the biggest heart
  • eternal force behind www.heimatberlin.nl, a personal notebook about all things Berlin

If you want to know more about my professional background, please also check these pages:

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