U2 360 Tour 2009

Alright, a new U2 world tour is coming up. As with the previous tour, I collected all the rumours and made a list. On March 9th U2.com announced the official dates. you can find them here as well. (last update: Friday March 13th, 0858hrs CET)

Name of the tour: U2 360
Tour announcement: March 9th, 9AM CET (source)
Stage set-up: 360 degrees / in the round (see Paul Mc Guinness on the tour setup in Hot Press)
Start of tickets sale: around March 14th (I have tickets for Amsterdam and Gothenburg, still looking for Barcelona. I’d be delighted if people can offer face value tickets for sale or swap)

U2 360 Tour (as confirmed by U2.com):
30 June 2009: Camp Nou, Barcelona (public presale: wed. 25 March)
07 July 2009: San Siro, Milan (Fri. 13 March)
11 July 2009: Stade De France, Paris (Fri. 20 March)
15 July 2009: Charles Ehrmann, Nice (Fri. 20 March)
18 July 2009: Olympic Stadium, Berlin (Fri. 27 March)
20 July 2009: Arena, Amsterdam (Sat. 14 March)
24 July 2009: Croke Park, Dublin (Fri. 20 March)
31 July 2009: Ullevi Stadium, Gothenburg (Fri. 13 March)
03 Aug 2009: Veltins-Arena, Gelsenkirchen (Fri. 27 March)
06 Aug 2009: Slaski Stadium, Chorzow (Fri. 20 March)
10 Aug 2009: Stadium Maksimir, Zagreb (Fri. 27 March)
14 Aug 2009: Wembley Stadium, London (Fri. 20 March)
18 Aug 2009: Hampden Park, Glasgow (Fri. 20 March)
20 Aug 2009: Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield (Fri. 20 March)
22 Aug 2009: Millenium Stadium, Cardiff (Fri. 20 March)

Rumour list, uptil March 9th:
June 30&July 1: Barcelona (Camp Nou (source), source, source band and crew are going to rehearse there in the preceding ten days)
July 3: Seville (Olympic Stadium, according to this source)
July 5: Madrid ??? (source)
July 7&8 (or 6&7): Milan (San Siro, source (older rumours stated July 3/4 (source) or July 7/8 (source), source)
July 10&11: Paris (Stade de France, source). Consider this venue and these two dates 99 procent confirmed
July 13: Lisbon? (source)
July 15 (or 13): Nice (Parc Des Sports Charles Ehrmann, source / one source mentions July 13. This could also point to an extra gig at Marseille, Stade Velodrome)
July 18: Berlin (Olympiastadion (venue is not available after August 12 because of World Championships Track & Field))
July 21&22: Amsterdam, Amsterdam Arena (source)
July 24&25&27: Dublin, Croke Park (source
July 28: Brussels, Stade Roi Baudion / Koning Boudewijn Stadion, according to U2 Flanders and a newspaper
August 1&2: Gothenburg, Ullevi (source)
August 4: Hannover, AWD Arena (Niedersachsenstadion), several rumours on www.u2-forum.com
August 6? (2 nights?): Chorzow (Slaski Stadium, source) or Warsaw (apparently two nights, early August, source: Polish radio Channel 3 January 7)
August 8: Prague (in Na Julisce Stadium, or August 10 according to an older one (source))
August 12: Zagreb. Last-minute rumour from Croatian site. Should be Maksimir Stadium then. Other rumour states Budapest for this date
August 15&16 (or 14&15): London, Wembley Stadium (earlier I stated July 17, because the stadium is reserved for gigs from June 20 to July 18)
August 18: Glasgow (Hampden Park, source)
August 22: Cardiff (source, Millennium Stadium)

Rumours that probably aren’t going to happen:
Rome (apparently August 3, Olympic Stadium) (gig seems to be CANCELLED)
Vienna (August 7 and/or 8, problems though with booking the Ernst Happel Stadium), gig is very likely not going ahead
Manchester (apparently early August, City of Manchester stadium)
Helsinki (July 25 or August 1st, venue unknown)

43 thoughts on “U2 360 Tour 2009

  1. What about the Pinkpop festival?the rumours about U2 performing there are growing..what do you think?

    1. Pinkpop? Highly unlikely. There are also rumours around the Isle of Wight festival, I believe. But U2 haven’t played a regular festival in two decades. The only chance would be that they play some of these festivals as a warm-up for their stadium tour.

  2. Regarding Pinkpop: I agree, very unlikely…but..we all said the same about Bruce Springsteen (never plays festivals) until last week.

    The rumour grows, it was also mentioned on 3FM national radio.

    The only thing is that it doesn’t fit well in the tour calendar.

    by the way, nice overview, I’ll keep checking.

  3. Thanks for this, most interesting! I notice there is no mention of Cardiff, I would have thought it unlikely that they wouldn’t go there bearing in mind the Edge comes from the valleys.

    1. Hi Peter, I expect a Cardiff gig as well. But in my list I only mention gigs where there are specific clues to be found on the web. So give me a clue and I’ll post a Welsh date!

  4. I have heard there will be shows in Dublin, London, and three other European dates as well as NYC, Chicago and LA. Besides that there will be no ‘full’ shows. However they are starting a new live website where subscribers can view online ‘concerts’ for 10 pounds per show. These will be targeted to specific regions of the world instead of actual live appearances.

    I for one am very excited about this!

  5. From the @U2 forum:

    Today FM, one of Irelands national radio stations, is reporting that U2 are booked to play Croke Park in Dublin on 24th, 25th and 26th of July 2009.

    The have also reported that certain hotels in the vicinity have tripled their prices for that weekend.

    Link: http://forum.atu2.com/index.php/topic,1531.0.html

  6. Some fans talked to Bono & Edge last night. They confirmed was Barcelona would be the opener of the tour but did not confirm whether it would be late june or early july.

  7. Upper Silesia Council published schedule of revamping of Slaski Stadium (in Chorzow) in 2009 and announced upcoming U2 concert on the stadium. They havn’t confirm any date but well informed fans say that it will be for sure 06/08/2009.

    My comment:
    U2 have played on Slaski Stadium on Vertigo tour. During concert people changed stadium into enormous polish flag to thank them for comming.
    Date 06/08/2009 is highly possible because band is goint to play 2 days after that in Prague, which is only 250 km from Chorzow.


  8. Volgens Volks krant zal U2 niet naar amsterdam komen maar naar Rotterdam De Kuip 28-07-09

    Mijn Bron Binnen de kuip zegt dat het een echte datum kan zijn

    Gr uxjr

  9. From Hot Press magazine: (Irish music mag):
    “Well-placed sources have confirmed to Hot Press that U2’s Croke Park shows will take place on July 24, 25 and 27”

  10. Nice will probably not be a concert site as Charles Ehrmann Stadium is NOT a tiered football stadium (cf interview of Paul MacGuinness in HotPress).
    Marseille on the contrary is a typical tiered football stadium.

  11. Hi, just seen new t-shirts on the U” shop website “let me in the Sound” will this be the tour name?

  12. Does anyone know about ticket prices, will the standing tickets be cheapest around stage, will there be a front enclosyre, first come first served or via random system used in USA during arena Vertigo tour ?

  13. Tickets will be priced from 30 euro on (probably on the back end of the stadium) till 150 euro (stands). Tickets close to the stage cost between 65 and 85 euros in AMsterdam but will differ from stadium to stadium. More info on the official site. And admission to the front of stage will probably be through the random system as in the USA Vertigo Tour.

  14. Hoi Bas,

    zodra ik kaarten heb , kunnen we misschien wel kijken of we kunnen ruilen.
    Ik wil in ieder geval naar barcelona,dublin en amsterdam.
    laat even wat weten

  15. Hoi Bas en en Jean Paul,

    Ik wil ook in ieder geval naar Barcelona, Dublin en Amsterdam. Dus misschien kunnen we onderling wat ruilen zodra iedereen kaarten heeft

  16. Great job! The best of this kind existing online that I am aware of. Make sure you do the same next year, with the other european leg!

  17. Ik ben van plan naar dublin te gaan, als ik tickets over heb meld ik me wel even. Weet niet of ze opgestuurd worden of uitgeprint. Uitgeprint is lastiger over te nmeen naturulijk, want die kun je 6x uitprinten als je kwaad wilt…

  18. Ik krijg net een mailtje van ticketmaster.ie dat er 2 concerten in de voorverkoop gaan in Dublin, 24 en 25 juli.

  19. Bas kan je mij in contact brengen met lia ?
    ivm de twee dublin shows ?
    alvast bedankt

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