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Selected Projects

Selected projects Berlin (2012-now)

Bas Timmers in Moscow
Bas Timmers in Moscow
Content marketing
For Looping Studios and C3 agencies, 2018-2020

Consultancy for call center, Berlin
For Neue Signale, 2017-2018

  • Creation and presentation of multiple-day management workshops
  • Development of strategy roadmaps and work packages
  • Ongoing consultancy and assistance of the managing directors
  • Assisting the recruitment of a Chief Digital Officer (CDO)

Consultancy for ProContur, Wittlich
For Neue Signale, 2016

  • Creation and presentation of several workshops for the managing director
  • Development of roadmap and work packages
  • Ongoing consultancy of the management during implementation of the roadmap

For Neue Signale and freelance

  • Reacting on social media, German Press Academy, 2017-ongoing
  • Introduction to Business Model Canvas, 2017
  • Data security in the digital age, Bayer AG, 2017
  • E-Commerce Basics, Chamber of Commerce Berlin, 2018

Communication strategy and management for MLP Financial Services, Heidelberg
For Torben, Lucie und die gelbe Gefahr, TLGG, 2013-2015

  • Development of overall strategy for reaching younger target audiences
  • Development of a new brand strategy including the MLP Financify brand
  • Implementation of several pilot projects for lead generation
  • Development of content platforms and social media posts
  • Presentation of several workshops

Social media management for Netflix
For Torben, Lucie und die gelbe Gefahr, TLGG, 2013-2014

  • Development of a social media strategy for the launch in the DACH region
  • Development and implementation of social media campaigns
  • Daily assistance of client around launch events

Additional projects

o2 account management for social media campaigns, 2017-2018
Swisscom account management for social media campaigns, 2015
Good Healthcare Group brand identity, communication strategy, 2017-2018
Manor AG Switzerland internal communication strategy & execution, 2017-2018
PartyRent process analysis & improvement, 2017-2018
Sparkasse campaign proposal, 2017
Swiss MS Society project management for new website, 2014
Swiss MS Society project management for campaign on worldwide multiple sclerosis day, 2015)
Twisper project management for travel app / city guide for urban professionals, 2013

Selected projects Holland (1999-2012)

Hobby project, overall lead for unofficial festival website, 2009-2015
It all started with a tweet, because I considered the official website of the Lowlands festival an insult to usability. How was it possible that the most popular contemporary music festival of the Netherlands, an event that sells out even faster than Glastonbury, had such an atrocious site?

Together with two other Twitter friends we started Lowlove, a project run by volunteers. We built a proper website within three months and launched a social media campaign to gain publicity. The project cost me at least half a day per week and grew into a team of around fifteen volunteers. My task: to organise and plan all the activities and to devise a strategy for the future.

Lowlove mobile apps
Overall lead for unofficial festival apps, 2011-2015
Follow your audience. And as the tens of thousands of monthly visitors of Lowlove are using mobile devices more often, we wanted to have our own smartphone apps as well.

The apps are especially useful during the festival itself. Because of unreliable internet connectivity at the festival site, we decided that the apps had to work offline as well. Users can make their own programme and receive alerts, making the apps a very personal experience.

Patient Stories
For de Volkskrant newspaper, 2011 and 2012
de Volkskrant is the biggest quality newspaper of the Netherlands, comparable to Süddeutsche Zeitung in Germany or The Guardian in Britain. The science desk of the newspaper regularly published stories about incurable and/or chronic diseases. Readers wanted to know how patients, described in those articles, were doing afterwards.

We decided to make an improved version of the New York Times series ‘Patient Voices’. We made slideshows with accompanying audio, we provided an in-depth information section and had a blog section for updates on the patient’s health.

With my company I did the project management, keeping the designers, programmers and the newspaper editors on track.

Redesign homepage
For de Volkskrant newspaper, november 2009
Redesigning the homepage of the website of one of the big national newspapers, with almost two million unique visitors a month, is always a difficult process. There are conflicts of interests between the editorial, marketing and sales sections. And there is the technological legacy of a vast archive, that still has to work after the redesign.

I did the project management as Head of Online of de Volkskrant. That meant having to reach an agreement within the company about the final design, without compromising the goal of the operation (less clutter). In the second phase of the project, I assisted the company that built the new site for us and tested the site before launch.

Change management of editorial processes
For Omroep Brabant regional, 2011-2012
Not the news broadcasts on television or radio, but the website should be the first platform where the journalists publish their content. That was the goal of the ‘online first’-project at a regional tv station. The editor-in-chief gave me the task to guide the change process on the workfloor in the proper direction, and to advise him about necessary changes in the organisation.
Digital innovation in education
At Academy of Journalism, 2010-2011
Journalism schools find it difficult to adapt to the rapid, internet-induced changes in news organisations. Project Nero tries to prepare students for the digital future by letting them make cross-media journalism productions at regional newspapers during a period of three months. They receive guidance from two experiences journalists, I had the honour to be one of them.

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