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Bas Timmers in Point Mugu, California. Photo Fabien Prauss (www.prauss.fr)
Bas Timmers in Point Mugu, California. Photo Fabien Prauss (www.prauss.fr)

Iam an innovation strategist & content specialist. With 20+ years of international experience in content production and one decade in innovation & digital transformation, most of my work was in the publishing industry and @ internet agencies. I was responsible for leading projects for clients such as Netflix, Swisscom, o2 and Mercedes.

Core competencies:

business model strategy
communication strategy
online & offline workshops
leading content creation teams

Key references:

Netflix (social media)
Mercedes (video)
Volkswagen (content marketing)
ABB (brand positioning & business strategy)

The short story

In an ever faster-spinning and complex world, I help you identify the longer-term trends that really matter. Instead of quick fixes I help companies with sustainable innovations for their business models and communication strategies. I have ample experience in moderating offline and online workshops and have been in charge of countless content creation projects for big and small brands, from Netflix to Mercedes. You want to create meaningful change for the world? Then we need eachother. Let's talk!


Between 2015 and 2018 I was managing director of Neue Signale, a consultancy agency. In that role we helped clients to invent new business models, to implement meaningful innovation in their organizations and change their company culture. I also gave speeches at several conferences and published an article in the German version of Harvard Business Manager.

Services and skills:

Innovation workshops
Strategy workshops
Expert articles
Trend reports


When I was head of online at de Volkskrant, one of the largest quality newspapers in Holland, I was responsible for devising and implementing a digital strategy. Digital innovation and digital content production has always been the focus in my career. At TLGG, the first social media agency of Germany, we accompanied the launch of Netflix in Germany.
In the last two years (2018-2020) I have been working for content marketing agencies leading projects for amongst others Mercedes, Volkswagen and ABB.

Services and skills:

Content strategy
Content production
Senior account management/account direction

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